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Our program is extremely interactive and fun and keeps the learner's brain engaged each class!  We constantly receive feedback on how other programs have boring lectures  while English Genie - FL has interactive class sessions that regularly result in smiles and happiness from achievement by our Learners.  


Our program is designed as a GAME where learners unlock achievements and win "trophies" on their pathway to Owning the English language - Speaking, Spelling, Writing, and Reading.

**Yes, you read that right. Our mission is for all our Learners to CONQUER the English language - so in today's video-gaming terms, to "own the game" is to BEAT and MASTER and WIN the GAME - and so it is our same goal with the English language!


English Genie - FL curriculum is based off the time-tested, highly logical, and wildly successful - Spalding Method for mastering the English language.  Our Learners dive right into mastering how to Speak, Spell, Write, and Read in English and each student is amazed with how quickly they make gains.

Adults and children alike experience Quick and Continued Success - which keeps them engaged and coming back until they have an excellent handle on the English language!


Participants in ourEnglish Genie - FL program quickly become strong communicators and increase their literacy with the English language.  Whether it's speaking words, or reading instructions, or writing an email, Learners in our program rapidly gain confidence and ability to function and navigate in the English world of communications.  Priceless.

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Welcome to our ENGLISH SUCCESS Program!

Are you like many business leaders who are wanting to invest in your non-English speaking employees and give them the best opportunities possible for their career?  And you're looking for the best solution to help them grow with the company while at the same time knowing their growth will have a direct, positive impact on the company's bottom line profitability? Sign them up for our ENGLISH GENIE - English Communications class!

The Spalding Method of learning to Speak, Spell, Read, & Write in English is the code-breaking, foundation of our curriculum.

Learners are Reading & Speaking English within Four Months with Spalding Method - How is this possible?

The Spalding Method engages multisensory learning. Students SEE, HEAR, SAY, and WRITE the phonograms using all four sensory channels to the brain, improving retention and providing opportunities for practice.  ~The Writing Road to Reading, 6th Ed., The Spalding Method for Teaching Speech, Spelling, Writing, and Reading. 1957, 2012 Romalda Bishop Spalding; Mary E North, PhD

What Are Phonograms?

A Phonogram is a symbol for one sound in a word. It can be a single letter or a fixed combination of two, three, or four letters.  Phonograms are the logical connection between spoken and written language.  ~The Writing Road to Reading, 6th Ed., The Spalding Method for Teaching Speech, Spelling, Writing, and Reading. 1957, 2012 Romalda Bishop Spalding; Mary E North, PhD

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