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Kindergartner that thinks he's not smart, despite him being EXTREMELY BRIGHT!  Unfortunately, he's not being taught the code-breakers of the written English language. His school is teaching him a confusing mixture of whole-word memorization (popularly known as Site Words) and non-sensical, partial phonics, so the poor kid is struggling with reading.  And rightly so!  He is not getting taught clean, highly rational English! READING FAST TRACK by LEARN TO READ FL classes fix this by using The Spalding Method to quickly re-establish his confidence in his brilliant ability to Read, Write, Speak, Spell, and Comprehend English!  GET STARTED NOW

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Third Grader that has suffered the negative educational-consequences of the COVID pandemic mixed with non-rational English / Language Arts curriculum that left him behind. Being pulled out of his foundational, early elementary classes had left him feeling like maybe reading wasn't for him.  He was never introduced to the first 70 Phonograms, nor to any of the 29 Rules of the English language that are quite simple, and children learn them swiftly!  READING FAST TRACK by LEARN TO READ FL classes leverage the time-testing Spalding Method for learning to Read, Write, Speak, Spell & Comprehend and these classes quickly remedy those deficiencies and make his education whole. GET STARTED NOW

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Second Grader who is EXCEPTIONALLY SMART, yet has not been given the tools to find success with all his subjects in school.  Since his English / Language Arts curriculum failed to teach him foundational basics of English, the poor little guy struggled to read instructions during Math homework, followed by many other daily struggles that left him feeling diminished . The READING FAST TRACK CLASSES by LEARN TO READ FL leverage The Spalding Method which is rational, highly engaging, and fun. In his READING FAST TRACK classes, he learned clear, logical rules like the two-letter set "ou" has 4 different sounds it makes in the English language. Armed with knowledge such as this, he can easily know that words like "you" are not "trick" words as his daytime school taught him. Instead he now knows the English language is actually highly-logical and the word "you" CAN actually be sounded out!  GET STARTED NOW

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6-year-old that moved to the USA from Europe.  Came to READING FAST TRACK by LEARN TO READ FL with pretty good Kindergartener skills but needed some help with English pronunciation and spelling since his first language is Polish. In his READING FAST TRACK classes, he learned foundational items like in English there are 5 jobs of the Silent Final E and he rapidly was taught how to differentiate each job in different word spellings. He wasn't learning that at his daytime school.  LEARN TO READ FL classes fast-tracked him to above-grade-level in America.  GET STARTED NOW

CONGRATULATIONS on taking this important step to give your child the Reading foundation he/she needs by Registering Your Child for READING FAST TRACK CLASSES  by LEARN TO READ FL! 

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REGISTRATION for FAST TRACK READING COURSE - (CURRENTLY TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS from 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm in Clermont at the Citrus Tower Conference Center - 2757 Citrus Tower Blvd, Clermont, FL 34711 )

Fast Track Reading I - Foundations in Reading Course is a Reading / English / Language Arts class that is highly logical and time-tested.  The Spalding Method for teaching Speech, Spelling, Writing, and Reading is the bedrock of the LEARN TO READ FL curriculum and allows for rapid-learning for both children and adults.

The Spalding Method is widely used throughout government-run (public), charter, and private elementary schools in the Western and Midwestern United States. 


Arizona State University conducted studies to compare Spalding Method elementary schools to control-group, non-Spalding Method elementary schools, and found that learning and test scores in Reading and Language Arts are exceptionally higher at Spalding-taught schools, compared to the other schools.  The study also concluded that success with The Spalding Method was even exceptionally high at the schools that had higher rates of disadvantaged students, including those who entered the US and did not speak English.  The Spalding Method has proven wildly effective at rapidly teaching foreign-language students how to Speak, Read, Write, and Spell in English and many would argue, The Spalding Method is the best method.  ~The Writing Road to Reading, 6th Ed., The Spalding Method for Teaching Speech, Spelling, Writing, and Reading. 1957, 2012  Romalda Bishop Spalding; Mary E North, PhD

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's

  • ​Max Enrollment = 20 children per class session (There is excellent synergy, fun, and electricity in the air for the children when they have peers with the highly interactive Spalding curriculum).

  • Individual Class Session Length = 1 hr, twice a week (Ex. TUE and THR)

  • Course Duration = 6 months.  Followed by the option to complete additional training modules to continue mastery of foundational reading that creates excellence in each child becoming fully literate in the beautiful, rich language of English.

  • Course Locations = Depending on class size and city, courses are held in various locations to meet the needs of the class size.

  • Pricing = See Plans & Pricing tab at top of web page.

  • Course Availability = Course sessions are subject to availability.  READING FAST TRACK has multiple instructors and we will do our best to accommodate all requests.  Contact Learn to Read FL to determine upcoming options in your area to get your child on the rapid path to unlocking the logic and taking all the mystery out of learning to read. (CURRENTLY TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS from 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm)
  • Registration Fee = $180 per child (**The registration fee covers the cost of administrative expenses for enrollment, items the student receives on Day 1, and trophies and achievements each student earns in the 6-month duration, as well as all specialized notebooks, pencils, paper, etc).
  • Pricing Structure = Cost of training is invoiced and auto-debited on a monthly basis and payment is due BEFORE the month's training begins.  Customers can also opt to make larger, lump sum payments if that is more convenient.

Which days work best for classes?

Thank you! Next, head over to the 2. Make a Payment tab and pay the registration fee and first month's class.  Questions? Call or Text us at 321-360-9453

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