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The only program of it's kind that caters specifically to the unique needs of Business Owners, HR Managers, Safety Managers, Operations Managers, Customer Service Managers, First-Line Leaders, and others who are looking for business-friendly ways to get their employees trained up, fluent, and literate in the rich fullness that the English language provides for communication.

English Genie makes it easy because we come to your site and deliver fun, target-driven, engaging programs that your employees will look forward to attending.

Our English Genie English Communications program is designed for foreign born, non-English speaking adults and teens so they can quickly become excellent communicators in English (Speaking, Spelling, Reading, Writing) which helps them perform better in the workplace and enhances their quality of life in the United States.


Cohorts (groups of students who start together) run for 6 months and participants attend the training for 1 hr 30 min, twice a week. 

Multiple language backgrounds can all participate in the same cohort (Ex. Spanish speakers in the same class with Mandarin and French speakers).

Class typically takes place on the employer's jobsite, but in cases where this is not possible, other arrangements are made and employer is responsible for rental cost of learning space while their employees are being trained.

Max number of participants in one cohort is 30 learners.  Additional cohorts are easily created and simply take place in different time slots or with different English Genies to ensure your company is fully serviced.

Job and Industry specific jargon and verbiage is taught to all participants and your assigned English Genie will work with your leadership team to ensure some key learning targets are implemented and achieved during the cohort (Ex. Omni Corp Transport is a heavy hauling company so their leadership requests a multitude of driving-direction-type instructions will be learned and cemented into each learners common vocabulary so when they are making deliveries to construction sites, etc, they will have no problem understanding tricky driving directions given by the site contact).

Please read further below for more reasons why now is the time to sign your employees up for English Communications training.

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