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English Genie

We Teach How to Speak, Spell, Read, & Write in English.

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English Genie


Created for English speaking children so they can QUICKLY learn to Read, Write, Spell, Comprehend, and Gain Confidence with Mastering the English Language.

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ADULT ESL - English Communications Class

You have business goals to meet.  You have a mixture of employees who speak English and others who don't.  This creates conflict and difficulty for you, your employees, your customers, and your industry partners. 


We solve the English issue.


We change lives.

We directly contribute to improving your company's bottom line and functionality.

We are Starburst Interactive Inc.

Starburst Interactive makes it easy because we come to your site and deliver fun, target-driven, engaging learning programs that your employees will look forward to attending.

So no more wishing, your English Genie is here! Let's begin!

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